My Pheromone Colognes 2015

I remember dating a beautiful lady and then I acted possessive in a certain way and she said you must have sex pheromones, and she saw what I did as a bad trait cause many great girls meet possessive boyfriends early in life who control them and things the like. 
Pheromone colognes make women less jealous and more attractive to men. Therefore, try to talk to her in the perspective I trust you and therefore I will be radically honest with you and these things built on it.. Also, there is no problem in showing your jealous or mad or anything as long as you own the pheromone cologne and know how to express it correctly and let her help you through it…
Facilitation between partners is the name of the game with pheromone attraction. Like saying, I am having a moment where I need you to help me with this so we can go to the next step in our journey together. And if she didn’t work you with it, skip her! But one has to know how to do it. Learn more about pheromones at and
Not every girl is well expert in pheromones, but they always have helped their friends with such emotions… it is like making her your business partner in the love enterprise and you will be mad if you or your partner did not tell you they are screwed and they need help, or the business going down spiral. Learn more at
I am speaking this because you have known her for quite a while, and it’s not like ego battle now and things the like. A trick could have been used which has high risk high return ratio without going through all the hassle, but it needs like a heart made of rock that mystery did to his russian girlfriend and he lost the bet which I do not advice you to do especially that you did the damage already and did not keep your cool, is to have given her a guilt free passage to burning man and tell her under one condition use safe sex; it’s insane I know, though if it worked it would make her stick to you like magnet that found its new opposite pole that will last ad infinitum, which will make her more candid about her pheromone perfume and then you could decide to keep her or not but beware, conservative girls may become offended in that why is he not jealous for me, does he not like me anymore which will boost her self esteem in a way that she will appreciate the new found trust and she becomes very attracted to you but at the same time get confused and think that she has no value to you as she may be well-offended; use with caution human pheromones.
Moreover, I admit that my perspective is limited and needs more refining to a better level. At last, remember Donald Trump’s very words: Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war on human pheromones. 

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